There Lopez Portrait

Therese Lopez started this small business in 2010. She loved working with flowers and previously worked at a local flower shop for 4 years while saving for post secondary. However, after graduating from Medical Lab she realized she missed the creativity of working with flowers. Working the retail aspect allowed her to gain knowledge in proper processing and handling of fresh flowers, but yearning for more formal education, Therese headed to Toronto and received a diploma from the Canadian Institute of Floral Design. To this day she continues to attend conferences and workshops to hone her craft and learn new techniques.

What started out as doing small weddings, and favours for friends unexpectedly grew into a budding business and although remaining home based, Therese Lopez Florals has managed to grow a clientele through word of mouth and excellent customer service. Taking on a limited amount of clients per year allows her to customize her weddings and focus on providing the best service!

Therese Lopez Florals is a studio based florist in Edmonton, Alberta specializing in providing fresh flowers for weddings and social events.

In her spare time she loves to travel and spend time with her family! 

There Lopez Portrait


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